Natural Sterol Complex – 180 Tablets

2.390,00 ден


The sterols are an important class of organic molecules. They occur naturally in plants, animals, fungi and some bacteria.
Natural Sterol Complex contains, as the word implies, the natural plant sterols such as Beta-Sitosterol and Beta Ecdysterone. This group is known in particular for its cholesterol-inhibiting properties. Thus, plant sterols are also added to, for example, margarine.
However, Natural Sterol Complex contains many more ingredients such as the well-known T-complex Tribulus Terrestris and Kudzu. But also superfood ingredients such as green tea extract, alfalfa, milk thistle ginger and spirulina are present.
All in all, Natural Sterol Comples is a very good natural growth complex for people who wish to achieve steady growth during their workouts.

Use 2 tablets three times a day. But start with 3 x 1 tablet per day, this is already sufficient for most people.